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New Milton

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About Fran

'I can spend all day just simply looking out to sea! In fact, I find myself doing just that quite regularly. I can sit for hours on my own, no entertainment, nothing around me.... no phone, this for me is easy....

I guess you could say I'm a daydreamer!'

Inspiration is everywhere but for me I find it in the small details. The intricacies of nature and the complexity of 'living' forms are fascinating, endless and ironically... timeless. It can be one simple, beautiful structure or shape that can spark an idea but how its made, what its composed of, what's it's story? are the things that portray this beauty. To achieve this in my jewellery is what has become my constant goal!

Art has always been in my nature, working on a 3-dimensional level is something that has grown with me. My passion for materials, metals, textures and colours develops with each day. Ultimately its that finished piece that incorporates all of the above that pushes me on to create the next new piece of real aesthetic beauty.