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New Milton

Available Gemstones


If you are thinking about embarking on a custom design, but are unsure where to start, this is a great starting point. Selecting your gemstones is a huge part of the design process and sometimes, you don't know what you want until you see it. Below are some examples of a few of the gemstones I have in stock and some possible design options for inspiration. If you see a particular stone or arrangement here that you like, get in touch via the contact buttons under each stone! 


Autumnal Diamonds

Price in 22ct gold: Approx. £7000 (depending on design)

Central cushion cut warm grey diamond weight (x1): 1.02ct
Total cushion cut orange, lemon, bronze, green diamonds weight (x6): 1.3ct
Stone total:1 x central cushion cut diamond, 6 x cushion cut diamonds

Suggested gold: 22ct Gold

Tourmaline and Diamond

Price in 18ct gold: £2180

Total Tourmaline weight (x1): 4.08ct
Total Diamond weight (x1): 0.16ct

Stone total: 1 x Tourmaline, 1 x Diamond

Suggested gold: 18ct yellow gold

Lightening Ridge Opal, Sapphire & Emerald 

Price in 22ct gold: £3100

Total Opal weight (x1): 0.76ct
Total Sapphire cabochon weight (x1): 0.46ct
Total Emerald weight (x4): 0.12ct 

Stone total: 1 x Opal, 1 x Sapphire, 4 x Emeralds

Suggested gold:  22ct gold

Tanzanite, Aquamarine and Sapphire

Price in 22ct gold: £2990

Total Tanzanite weight (x1) 0.68ct
Total Sapphire weight (x3): 0.62ct
Total Aquamarine weight (x2): 0.2ct

Stone total: 1 x Tanzanite, 3 x Sapphires, 2 x Aquamarines

Suggested gold: 22ct gold

Champagne Rose Cut Diamonds

Price in this arrangement (in 18ct gold): £3900

Central stone: 1.28ct champagne rose cut diamond 

Total carat weight: 1.85ct 

Stone total: 6 x champagne rose cut diamonds 

Suggested gold: 18ct rose gold or 22ct gold 

Mozambique Ruby

Price in this arrangement (in 18ct gold): £2590

Central stone: Mozambique Ruby 2.16ct

Stone total: 7 x Mozambique Rubies

Suggested gold: 18ct yellow gold