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New Milton

Available Gemstones


If you are thinking about embarking on a custom design, but are unsure where to start, this is a great starting point. Selecting your gemstones is a huge part of the design process and sometimes, you don't know what you want until you see it. Below are some examples of a few of the gemstones I have in stock and some possible design options for inspiration. If you see a particular stone or arrangement here that you like, get in touch via the contact buttons under each stone! 



Beautiful chubby pear shaped faceted Tanzanite. One slightly larger at 0.67ct, the other at 0.33ct. Classic Tanzanite colours of stunning vibrant blue, reflecting back shades of purple/pink. These would look beautiful set in 18ct Rose Gold. 


Big 11.2ct round Moonstone (approx 14mm diameter). Beautiful colouring and a really voluptuous shape. I think Moonstones work well in warm metals, so I would go for either yellow or rose gold. 

Mozambique Ruby

All these rubies show really rich hot pink colours and the contrast between the central rose cut stone with the sparkly faceted shoulders, makes for a really beautiful ruby ring. The central stone is a rose cut Mozambique ruby and weighs 2.16ct. I would set this in 18ct yellow gold as it would give it quite a regal charm. This 7 stone ring would cost £2590 in 18ct gold. 

Grey Rose Cut Diamonds 

If you're looking to stay traditional with diamonds in an engagement ring, but remain unique, this is a fantastic option. Often called salt and pepper diamonds, these grey rose cuts have a combined weight of 1.86ct and have a beautiful sparkle to them. This set in 18ct gold would be around £3620. Why not set it in 18ct white gold to enhance the grey, almost vintage, steely tones?