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New Milton

Workbench Blog

Welcome to my workbench blog!

If you are interested in what happens behind the scenes in my studio and the stories behind some of my latest custom designs then hopefully you will find this fruitful!

If you are thinking about working with me on something unique then I would strongly recommend you give this a read as it details my clients individual stories, form all around the globe!

When Mimosa meets Peacock


Stone setting Fran Barker Design

Samantha contacted me wanting to transform her diamond engagement ring into a statement ring that she could wear comfortably every day blending both the Mimosa and Peacock collections.

With the size of Samantha’s little fingers in mind, the challenge was to make sure proportions were spot on, maintaining its comfort. Designs were sent back and forth and a lot of conversations were had to ensure we had this design spot on.  With Samantha’s engagement ring on its way to me from Washington, I had to search for a large pear shaped cabochon amethyst and then a small sapphire, emerald and amethyst to sit with this and the three diamonds Samantha already owned. The colours needed to be really vibrant, as even the little stones needed to make a big impact.  

Statement Ring

The engagement ring arrived and the diamonds were beautiful. Being able to position all the stones together, meant we could tweak the designs slightly to perfect it even more, ensuring sizing and colours all matched harmoniously.  We decided to go for 18ct yellow gold but keep the diamonds in white gold to help maintain their vibrancy amongst the other stones.

Making this, felt like making a little sculpture. I loved that it had a slight art nouveau feel as this is a style I particularly love. Bringing Mimosa and Peacock together was something I was looking forward to and the result was a piece I felt truly proud of.  

Amethyst Ring