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New Milton

Workbench Blog

Welcome to my workbench blog!

If you are interested in what happens behind the scenes in my studio and the stories behind some of my latest custom designs then hopefully you will find this fruitful!

If you are thinking about working with me on something unique then I would strongly recommend you give this a read as it details my clients individual stories, form all around the globe!

Three Colours: Blue


jewellery design

This natural Ceylon sapphire ring was designed for another of my Instagram followers last month. Kate knew exactly what she wanted; a sapphire ring set mimosa style to remind her of the film Three Colours Blue, in which there is a mobile of blue beads that is hung in the window to reflect different lights.

Wanting to depict an intensity of colours I opted for natural Ceylon sapphires and sourced some that reflected differently in each light; from a powerful blue to purple tanzanite colours. We opted for white gold to bring out the cool shades and compliment the stones, letting them speak for themselves.

I loved the powerful colours the five sapphires helped create in this ring, enhanced further by the white gold mimosa setting. The ring has since arrived in Australia with Kate who says she is “honoured to own such a stunning piece”. Once again, I’m blessed to have the privilege to work with such fantastic clients! 

ceylon sapphire ring